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Awesome Gamemode

Our gamemode is created straight from scratch. The server is regularly updated with fresh features coming in all the time!

Great Performence

Our servers are running on good performance hosts, therefore, you will have a great gaming experience with us.

Awesome Community

A forum is the soul of a community, therefore, we put a big effort it on its development. We have a well organised forum with plenty of categories.


Survival Z v2.0 Changes (Re-Opening)

- Fixed the animation bug in Mining Rocks or Chopping Tree
- New Durability for Chainsaw and Hammer
- Fixed Spawn bug (hoping)
- Fixed Abandoned building-Raid timer
- Added Functional Portable Radio
- Added Abandoned Building Entrance Pickup Icon
> Having this in your backpack will now receive announcement of supply drop and abandon building raid
- Added Animation when putting/taking items in your chest
- Added Animation when putting/taking items in your furnace
- New Item Car Parts is use for crafting vehicle
- New Item Screwdriver is use for picklocking vehicles (soon)
- New Item Automotive Battery is use for vehicle parts
- New Item Car Keys is use for locking vehicle door/trunk
- Adjusted Player Count online for enabling Abandoned-Building Raid from 5 to 10
- Adjusted Random Type Spawn of Rocks around the Map
- Fixed the bug when requesting Supply drop in turf
- Fixed when a Rank 4 in a Clan is leaving
- Realistic Vehicle System! you can now craft a garage and craft your Vehicle! or store your loots!
>Be sure to upgrade your Engineer Skill to be able to craft a Vehicle
- Added Durability for Melee Weapons/Hammer/Chainsaw
- Remove Engine/Tires in Car wrecks now changed to Car parts
>You need wrench to get car parts in car wreck!
- You can now only loots engine and automotive battery from Car Wrecks
- Adjusted requirements when crafting a tire
- Improve security of the server

These are the current updates of Survival Z and for more informations.